Sparkle M

Locket - Lock the Moment

  • Made of high-quality medical-grade steel and glass
  • 25mm – 3 to 5 charms  (*quantity of charms depends on their size)

Choose a Silver Sparkle locket with shining effect. In it, you can add various charms, Swarovski elements, or a plate with an engraved message. To make the best combination look up our proposals in the Gallery - where you will find photos of ready-made medallions. Your locket will arrive ready-made, carefully packaged in a gift box. The locket can be opened and elements added or removed from it at your discretion. 

CAUTION: Once opened, the locket needs to be closed well. Lock the Moment is not responsible for a dropped or opened locket.

27,00 лв.
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Редакторът на медальони ще се отвори всеки момент. Ако сте го затворили, може да го отворите отново.